Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gain Over 100,000 Readers for Your Book

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Here are some facts you probably didn't know about writing books.

Let's start with nonfiction books. Did you know that fewer than 10 percent of all business books sold will ever be opened and read? Of those that are read, only 10 percent will be read from cover to cover.

Many people consider a book that sells 40,000 copies a business best seller. How would they feel if the results were published instead as having had 400 people who read the whole book? Not so impressive, eh?

For nonfiction books on general topics, most are given as gifts to people who never open them. Of those who do look inside, many readers will simply scan the index to find the few pages they care about. The rest of the book will be ignored.

Novels do better. Almost half will be opened and read a little. But fairly few will be read cover to cover. Why? People use these as ways to help fall asleep (the more boring the better), to fill in a little empty time on an airplane trip, and to look good on the shelf. If the novel isn't too interesting, most people will simply skip ahead to read the last few pages to see how it turns out.

If you are interested in selling lots of copies of your book and not having them read, get help from those who are involved in such marketing. You can do it with their help!

But if you want to get lots of people to read your book, get help from me.

I will be working with a handful of authors each month to plan their books and promotions to gain over 100,000 readers.

If that's of interest, contact me at I'll be glad to work with you to gain lots of readers. You'll do better in gaining readers than many best-selling authors, even if your book is never a best seller.

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