Thursday, December 15, 2005

Be a Master of Accomplishment . . . Even with the Most Daunting Tasks

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What does masterful accomplishment look like? To those who only see the final results, there's a seamless perfection that can be daunting.

The question that automatically occurs in your mind is, "How could I ever accomplish something so perfect?" That's both a good and a bad question. The good part is that you are looking to do more. The bad part is that you may be feeling inadequate as you do.

The reality behind creating the seeming seamless perfection is usually quite different. There's a general idea of where an organization wants to go. What follows are flops and partial successes . . . each one teaching some important lessons.

To get a sense of this process, read John C. Maxwell's book, Failing Forward.

The master of accomplishment . . . is the master of the pratfall!

While that's not a very dignified image, it puts you into the mood to have fun trying things out. If you can laugh at yourself as you do, people will admire and follow you more than if you always do things perfectly and you just need robots to execute your magic touch.

One of the great learning experiments I have ever observed was during Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success seminar. He blindfolded a man, turned him around and told the man to walk straight to the target. Naturally, the man had no idea of where to go. He wandered around aimlessly . . . making no progress. Then Jack told the man he could listen to advice. Whenever the man was going in the wrong direction, we could tell him he was getting colder. Whenever he was going in the right direction, we could tell him he was getting hotter. Although the man was only aimed in the perfect direction less than 10% of the time, he made fairly steady progress towards the target in a zig-zag path. To him, it must have seemed very frustrating and imperfect. To us, it was a marvel of efficiency.

He tried things, got feedback, made corrections . . . and success was inevitable. You can and should do the same!

But to do that you've got to forget about beings someone who is seamlessly perfect . . . that's not how seamless perfection is created.

Could a billionaire do better? I sincerely doubt it.

Billionaire egos are notoriously large and fragile. There are armies of handlers and "yes" people just to make the billionaire feel perfect at all times. What are the chances that a billionaire wants to take large public pratfalls in pursuit of seamless perfection? Not very good.

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