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Unleash Your Brilliance with Unleashing Your Brilliance Today!

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I wanted to let you know about a very special offer. From midnight to midnight on January 23, 2006, you can buy Dr. Brian Walsh's book, Unleashing Your Brillianceon for $16.43 plus shipping (see and receive over $2,000 worth of free bonuses. Among those bonuses is a free e-copy of my book, The 2,000 Percent Solution.

Here is the review I wrote of this wonderful book in calling it the self -improvement book you should read in 2006:

A Simple, Effective Overview of How to Learn and Work Better

Dr. Walsh has provided us with a remarkable resource here. Unleashing Your Brilliance combines the lessons from many different disciplines of how to use your mind and body to accomplish more.

You will read about mind mapping, how your brain operates, accelerated learning methods, the many dimensions of intelligence, how emotions and feelings can affect learning, different thinking processes, learning styles, the benefits of mind-body integration, how hypnosis helps, the key principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the photoreading process and learning a second language.

Dr. Walsh has a gift for simplicity. While any of these subjects normally fills many books, he manages to gracefully capture the gist in a few pages. It's a talent I envy.

He also provides you with extensive references so you can dive in to learn more in any of these areas that attracts your interest.

The book has one of the most entertaining chapter review mechanisms I have ever seen. You fill out a crossword puzzle at the end of each one to see if you recall key phrases, terms and ideas. Seeing what you missed naturally causes you to want to reread the chapter for greater mastery.

I was impressed that the material is very up-to-date. If you are going to read this book, do it now. Our knowledge of perception, learning and thinking are advancing so rapidly that this book will inevitably become obsolete in a few years. I hope Dr. Walsh will provide us with an updated edition when that's the case.

If you only read one self-improvement book in 2006, Unleashing Your Brilliance would be a good choice.

Nice work, Dr. Walsh!

To find out the details of how to take advantage of his offer go to:

Please let me know what else you would like to learn, and I'll do my best to help in future blog entries.


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